Carl Paladino Endorses Jeff Gildersleeve

Carl Paladino Endorses Jeff Gildersleeve

Gildersleeve Earns Endorsement from New York State Republican Leader

Carl Paladino, former NYS Gubernatorial Candidate and Republican Party Leader, Endorses Jeff Gildersleeve for Saratoga County Sheriff


For Release: August 15, 2013


Buffalo, NY –Republican Sheriff Candidate Jeff Gildersleeve earned a major endorsement from New York State Republican leader Carl Paladino today.  Paladino ran for New York State Governor in 2010 and is widely recognized as a Republican leader in Upstate New York.


Citing Gildersleeve’s unwavering dedication to stand up on behalf of the rights guaranteed to all New York State residents and the people of Saratoga County and his bravery for standing against the SAFE Act, Paladino urged Republican voters to support Gildersleeve in the September 10th Primary.


“Jeff Gildersleeve is a man with integrity and has the law enforcement experience necessary to serve as an exceptional sheriff in Saratoga County. I’m also supporting Jeff because of his strong stance in opposition to the unconstitutional ‘SAFE’ Act, and while this is Jeff’s first time running for any political office, he’s brought with him fresh ideas and a new direction to bring this sheriff’s department into the 21st Century,” said Paladino.


Gildersleeve, a retired NYS Police Trooper and current Warren County Deputy-Sheriff, thanked Paladino for his support and echoed that both his novice status as a political candidate and his opposition to the SAFE Act, helped him garner support from voters.


“I want to thank Mr. Paladino for his endorsement, he is a thought-leader in the Republican Party and someone who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and stand for what he believes in regardless of the establishment’s position. This is my first time running for office, but what I’ve learned from speaking with voters is that they’re tired of the status quo, they don’t want their 2nd Amendment rights trampled, and they want a voice in who serves as their next sheriff,” said Gildersleeve.


Paladino urged Republicans in Saratoga County to vote for Gildersleeve in the September 10th Primary Election.


“Jeff Gildersleeve is the best choice for Saratoga County Sheriff because he’s not afraid to stand up for people and not play politics with something as important as the safety of Saratoga County residents. Please vote for Jeff in the Republican Primary,” said Paladino.


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